My Obama Minute: Jane Mitakides

I gave a small donation tonight to Jane Mitakides, who is running for Congress in Ohio’s third district, which includes Dayton. Props to Barbara for pointing out this critical race. If we can elect such an impressive Democrat in this swing district — I’m confident Obama will be in the White House.

It’s clear from her Web site that she’s got terrific priorities. I love how she talks about “rewarding work, not just wealth.” It’s a formula that suggests both an abiding respect for labor, and a recognition of perhaps the central priority problem of the past eight years — boiled down into an easy soundbite. It’s also clear that she’s got a sense of humor (she holds “big fat Greek fundraisers”).

Mitakides is running in a very conservative area against an incumbent with a scandal on his hands — so I’m sure every dollar helps!


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  1. Thank you for your kind comments!

    Let me remind all of your readers… winning the presidency this year is as easy as one-two-three… Ohio’s first, second and third Congressional Districts. Our strong efforts here will add three Democrats to Congress AND have an important impact here in the Cincinnati/Dayton region, which is WHERE Ohio swings!

    The incumbent in OH-3 is on CREW’s “Most Corrupt in Congress” list, and with your help, he’ll be OUT of Congress soon.

    Spread the word… to make a difference, it’s Ohio 1-2-3!

  2. Neurotic Dem says:

    Thanks so much for posting! Love the formula!
    And feel free to come back any time, to let us know what we can do to help!

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