My Obama Minute: John Boccieri

I made a small donation this afternoon to John Boccieri, who is running for Congress in Ohio’s 16th District. It’s literally a once in a lifetime chance to flip a swing district, from Republican to Democratic. Republican Ralph Regula, who is retiring, was first elected to the seat in 1972. Some say the district is a perfect microcosm of America — if Boccieri wins it, Obama’s likely to win Ohio, and the White House.

Boccieri is an Iraq war vet. And — I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him — he’s one of the nicest, most hamish,¬†would-be-office holders I can imagine.

I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to elect Boccieri.

If you go to his Web site,, you can vote for him in the 21st Century Democrats online contest. He’s one of the final six. And it takes less than a minute.

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  1. If you want to vote for John, come on over to the 21st Century Democrats website directly.

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