My Obama Minute

I’ve had a busy week. Went to the NJDC policy conference, in Washington DC, and have been blogging quite a bit, in particular about Obama’s strong support for Israel. I’ve been working behind the scenes to bring an Obama surrogate speaker to Akron, to¬†further explain¬†Obama’s positions on Israel for the local community. And I just now gave a small contribution to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which they are matching three-to-one prior to the end of September deadline.

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  1. Barbara says:

    We attended a fund raiser last night for our local Congressional candidate. She has polling that suggests that the race is currently tied. Her opponent is Mike Turner, identified as one of the most corrupt people in Congress. She has been unable to get help from the national DCCC and she says that last election, $18million went to them from Ohio and no money came back. I have sent them an email telling them that I will give them no more money until they send some our way. Our candidate is Jane Mitakides. She would be a great addition to congress.

  2. Neurotic Dem says:

    Thanks Barb!

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