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My Obama Minute: Kingsley Avenue

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Canvassed this afternoon in Akron, off North Hawkins, with my mother in law. We hit about 30 houses in two hours. A few voters were still undecided. Three or four said they were voting for Obama. We stopped at a half-way house. The guy who answered the door was a Navy vet, who spoke to us for ten minutes, thumbs-up-Obama all the way. We signed up one volunteer for Election Day.

I have to say, it was a tough walk sheet. There were three or four homes on the block that were foreclosed, with the notices stuck to the front doors. Many others were in disrepair; a few seemed abandoned. Someone’s dream, given up.

We used the same walk sheets in Akron as we had used in Beachwood. Very efficient, very impressive. Complete with a list of issues we could circle, in case a voter wanted more information about something, so we could get back to them.

I’ve been tempted to wonder, while doing this, if the McCain folks are doing some of the same work on the other side. I’ll leave it at this, which appeared in today’s New York Times article about how McCain let a huge lead in Florida slip away:

Even several state Republicans said they saw evidence that Mr. Obama was bringing new and highly effective methods to the state to find voters and turn them out.

“I’ve gotten seven calls from live Obama volunteers — and the reason I’m getting calls is because I signed up on their Web site to get notifications from their campaign,” said Sally Bradshaw, a Republican who was a senior political adviser to Jeb Bush, the former governor.

Ms. Bradshaw, who supported Mitt Romney in the primary, had signed up for the list to keep informed about a rival. “I haven’t received any McCain calls,” she said.

Oh … I can’t quite leave it there.

Michelle Obama was on the front page of the Akron Beacon Journal today, with a telephone clamped to her ear. Turns out, before she spoke in Akron yesterday, she stopped by our local headquarters to do phone banking for her husband. Here’s the newspaper’s description of the scene:

On the way to the rally, Obama made an unexpected stop at the Akron campaign office at 3 Merriman Road, her motorcade rolling up just outside.

”How you doing?” she asked the group of about 20 volunteers working the phones.

”I can’t believe it!” said volunteer Cathy Lee of Akron, jumping up and down.

”Thank you so much for coming to Akron, Ohio,” said volunteer Janna Bruner, a retired Akron principal.

Obama sat on a folding chair, grabbed a phone and began talking to an undecided voter.

”What are the things that might help you decide?” she asked.

People, if Michelle Obama can make time to work the phone banks and call undecided voters, we can, too.