My Obama Minute: Give, One Last Time

Rev. Wright ads are now running across the country.

It’s a multimillion dollar ad buy by the National Republican Trust PAC, which will air through election day.

See the article, from Talking Points Memo, here.

We knew this day would come. And it’s coming at the end of what is easily the sleaziest, slimiest campaign of negativity that we have ever witnessed. If McCain wins this election, he will enter the Oval Office with his reputation in tatters, minus the goodwill of Congress and half the nation, including many in his own party.

Obama has spent millions keeping his largely positive message front and center, while defending himself from McCain-Palin smears. (I don’t intend to be hyperbolic here — it’s late — and I’m calling it as I see it. There is no equivalency between Obama calling McCain “erratic,” which is an accurate description, and the McCain campaign saying Obama “pals around with terrorists.” And in most every way that matters, McCain would represent a continuation of Bush policies.) Wednesday night’s infomercial was a part of Obama’s effort — an expensive part — and, by the way, 33.6 million people watched it. That’s 70 percent more than watched the fifth game of the World Series last night.

Only 52.4 million watched the first debate this year — so, a pretty good investment for Sen. Obama.

Hmn. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea afterall.

Obama has had to spend hand over fist just to stay ahead of the negative ads and campaigning. Now, recent news accounts indicate that his cash on hand, plus the Democratic National Committee’s cash on hand, is actually less, going into the final weekend, than McCain’s plus the RNC’s.

In other words: Obama, and other Democrats, need more, going into the final, crucial weekend.

So, for my Obama minute tonight, I gave two donations.

We gave to the Democratic National Committee, which directly helps Obama’s cause.

And we gave to Kay Hagan, who is running for Senate in North Carolina against Liddy Dole. For those who haven’t seen Dole’s latest ad, accusing Hagan (a former Sunday school teacher), or being “Godless,” it is one of the most despicable we’ve seen in the modern political era, prompting this powerful rebuke from Campbell Brown.

Just five days left. Give $5. Give $2.50. Or more if you can. Pick a candidate. Pick a cause and support it. It’s one of the ways we exercise our right to free speech in this country.

And now is the time to speak your mind.

UPDATE: From today’s NY Times. Looking for more evidence that Obama — not McCain — would run a tight, frugal budget? Please read this, about how the Obama campaign, while spending much more, has spent responsibly, even pinched pennies. In other words, when you do give to this campaign, your money is spent thoughtfully; it’s not wasted, on, say, clothing, or makeup artists. Here’s the kicker:

Mr. Axelrod [Obama’s chief strategist] likes to joke that at the Obama headquarters, if someone waves a hand in front of the automated paper towel dispenser in the men’s room, a section of paper towel is dispensed; wave at it again and a note spits out, “See Plouffe.”

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  1. drdad says:

    My Obama Minute
    I was tasked to be a driver today for the man who sets up the teleprompters for Sen. Biden’s speeches. Biden was speaking in Delaware this morning, then at Kettering (my town) and Lima, OH – about 90 minutes north. I drove to the private section of the Dayton airport at 11, waited the obligatory two hours for Biden’s plane to arrive (and while waiting got to check out the interior of the luxury ‘bus’ rented for Biden – check my flickr page for pix), then picked up my passenger (who was on the plane) and drove to Lima (someone else was setting up in Kettering). I helped him set up, then got a great view of the speech, which was held in a high school gym. The crowd, most of which had waited for three hours, gave Jill (she did the intro) and Joe a warm reception. He gave a nice speech and the crowd responded well. We then rode back, this time in the motorcade with police escort – it’s fun going through red lights and having I-75 cleared for us, with state police cars blocking the ramps and then rushing past to block the ramps ahead!

    The coolest part was when we got back to the plane I was asked to go to the steps with two other volunteers; Biden came out, shook hands with the other two and then started a conversation with me (mostly about the Phillies’ World Series victory and the related fact that Jill, a Willow Grove, PA (near Jenkintown) native, is an ardent fan. I got my picture taken with Biden by my contact and will post it when I get it. I was impressed that he took a few moments to schmooze after what had to be a very long and exhausting day.

  2. Neurotic Dem says:

    Such an amazing story! Wow — I’m not sure what’s cooler, the conversation about the Phils, or having I-75 cleared! How did he know you are a Phils fan — were you wearing your pin?

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